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In The Moment - Personal. Meaningful. Enriching.

The In the Moment Memory Care Program is our signature approach to caring for those with memory loss. We craft a personal, meaningful experience every day. The In the Moment program philosophy does not simply mean a scheduled activity on the calendar, we enrich the lives of our residents and their families each moment of every day through our expertise combined with kind and compassionate care. Our philosophy features The 6 Elements of Engagement, which addresses specific individual needs for the whole person. In The Moment is more than a slogan, it’s actually the ‘feeling throughout the entire building’.

This holistic approach is designed to engage a resident in unlimited ways throughout the day and night. To be successful, we rely on our knowledge and understanding of a resident specific personal history. By understanding a person’s past, and their habits, it enables us to assist them in the present and guide them through their dementia journey.

The 6 Elements of Engagement program include:

  • Artistic expression for residents who appreciate and respond to a variety of art-mediums
  • Physical engagement to engage our residents’ muscles and encourage movement
  • Spiritual support to embrace the diversity of each resident within our communities through music, literary affirmations, discussion groups, prayer and other means
  • Community connections creates opportunities for our residents to stay engaged through civic outreach projects to “pay-it-forward” to the neighborhood surrounding their community
  • Continuing education is a vital activity to support brain health and our program provides several ways to keep residents brains engaged and always learning
  • Lifestyle and leisure to reflect the interests of our residents through embracing past professions, pastimes, hobbies and lifestyles

In the Moment is our commitment to the Memory Care residents that we will help guide them on their journey and respect the individuality they bring to our senior living community.

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